'Rainy Night Under a Willow Tree'

This lovely Japanese watercolor and gouache painting depicts an evening scene with travelers making their way in a lantern-lit village square, under their rain umbrellas.  There is a large willow tree, which offers little protection from the storm.  Terauchi was born December 9,1891. In 1910 he entered the private school of Kiyoteru Kuroda, and later became a member of the Hakuba Association, an art colony of younger Japanese artists. His works are often signed K. Terauchi, as is this watercolor, which may be because he studied under Kiyoteru Kuroda, and artists often adopted their master's name as a sign of respect, so perhaps that explains the 'K' preceding his surname.  Terauchi was a prolific artist, producing a very nice body of work, much of his works dates to postwar Japan, much of it in the 1950s, into the early 1960s.  This watercolor measures 16" x 11", and the frame measures 20" x 16". It is matted in an ivory mat, and a black frame. It is in good original condition with generalized toning.   P61117    $275.00

$OLD! TY! Fukutaro Terauchi (1891-1964) 'Rainy Night Under a Willow Tree'