'Beauty Itsutomi' from the Series 'Selected Geisha of the Yoshiwara' c1793

This original postcard woodblock print depicts the beauty 'Itsutomi' standing by a shamisen.  Hosada painted many women in this graceful style, portraying them in gorgeous kimonos and in a statuesque poise.  The colors are superb with wonderful mica accents.  This scarce unposted postcard dates to c1920s-30s, when publishers were producing classic Ukiyo-e woodblock images for tourists. The postcard measures 5.5" x 3.5".  It is in a black frame, 7" x 4.75".  This postcard is in fine condition, with a bare spot in the mica, that looks like a line or streak when examined closely, mentioned for the sake of accuracy.   P9626    $65.00

Eishi (Hosada) Chobunsai (1756-1829) 'Beauty Itsutomi'