'Beauty Itsuhana' from the Series 'Selected Geisha of the Yoshiwara' c1793

This original postcard woodblock print depicts the beauty 'Itsuhana'.  Hosada painted many women in this graceful style, portraying them in gorgeous kimonos and in a statuesque poise.  The colors are superb with wonderful mica accents.  This scarce unposted postcard dates to c1920s-30s, when publishers were producing classic Ukiyo-e woodblock images for tourists. The postcard measures 5.5" x 3.5".  It is in a black frame, 7" x 4.5".  It is in fine condition.    P9627    $65.00

$OLD! Eishi (Hosada) Chobunsai (1756-1829) 'Beauty Itsuhana'

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