'Evening on the Sumida River'  from the Night Scene Series

This beautiful woodblock depicts a night scene on the Sumida River, with passengers in a small boat that is lantern-lit, and a woman in deep black silhouette on the dock awaiting her ferryman.  Several ferry boats are noted in the distance.  There is a cascading weeping willow, under a full moon, all basked in a vivid blue.  This print bears the artist's seal of Eijiro (Kobayashi).  It was first published by Hasegawa-Nishinomiya, c1910-20's.  The Night Scenes series of twenty-one chuban prints illustrates evening views evocative of traditional Japan in a limited palette of sepia or blue originally issued in the 1910s, although Nishinomiya continued to produce these simple nocturnes in the same format into the 1930s.  The collaborative series included the work of Koho Shoda (1871-1946), Yoshimune Arai (1873-1945), Kobayashi Kiyochika (1847-1915), Suzuki Gyosui (1898-?) and Kobayashi Eijiro (1870-1946). A 1920s catalogue issued by Hasegawa-Nishinomiya illustrates each of the twenty-one designs with titles. This edition dates to c1930s.  The print measures 11" by 8", and it is attached to its cream-colored mat folder at the top edges, measuring 14" by 11".  There are some glue marks noted in the upper margin, as shown in the photos, but they are not visible in the window of the mat.  This print bears Eijiro's seal, and it is marked on the verso with Nishinomiya's publisher stamp as shown in the photos.  I removed the print from its original frame to check if it was glued down, and would be happy to reframe it upon request in its original mat folder.      P7774     $295.00

Eijiro Kobayashi (1870-1946) 'Evening on the Sumida River' Night Scene Series


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