'Cattleya Orchids'

This original first edition woodblock print by Japanese artist Eiichi Kotozuka depicts a cluster of orchids, specifically 'Cattleya' orchids.  These blossoms are exquisite.  This print was published by the Uchida Woodblock Company of Kyoto.  Kotozuka attended the Kyoto Specialist School of Painting, and was one of the founders of the Koryokusha, a co-operative publishing company.  He is most famous for his landscapes and plant and wildlife prints.  The print sight size is 15.75" x 10", the frame measures 22.5" x 16.5".  This is an original first edition woodblock print  from the early 1930s. This print is in fine condition, the shadows are simply glare from the camera.  P30012   

$OLD! TY! Eiichi Kotozuka (1906-1979) 'Cattleya Orchids'

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