Charlottesville, VA/East Village, NY

'Abstract Landscape'

This is an original woodcut in small format, with great depth of color, in yellow and green hues.  It has a layered presentation, very modern in style, with subtle outlines of foliage and hills, which draw the viewer in, a very nice contemporary modern print.  It has a sight size of 5" x 7", and the frame measures 7.5" x 9.75".  It is handsomely framed.  George Speck painted in several mediums, including oils, watercolors and papier-mâché.  He is best known for his woodcut designs (woodblock prints).  He carved his own blocks and printed his woodcuts himself.  His woodcuts were produced in very limited editions.            P8758  $85

$OLD! C. George Speck (1928-2018) Charlottesville, VA Abstract Landscape