'Cherry Blossoms at Omuro Pagoda in Spring'

This is a print by Kyoto printmaker Benji Asada who is well known for his Sosaku Hanga and Shin Hanga woodblock prints.  The print depicts lush cherry blossoms in full bloom, in spring, in the front of the Pagoda of Ninnaji Temple, Omuro, which is located in Kyoto. The print has rich color and good key block lines.  This is a lifetime woodblock print by Asada, published by Uchida Publishers in 1950.  This print measures 14" x 9.25", matted in a nice blue linen mat, and it is framed in a handsome gold tone bamboo frame measuring 19.5" x 14.5".         P6044     $145.00

Benji Asada (1899-1984) 'Cherry Blossoms at Omuro Pagoda in Spring'

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