Senshu no Hana (One Thousand Varieties of Flowers), 'Hamanadeshiko' or 'Japanese Carnation' #33, Bunkyudo, Kyoto, 1889

This lovely woodblock print depicts a pretty cluster bouquet of blossoms and leaves in shades of pink and fuchsia, which presents like miniature Carnation blossoms. It is a hand-colored woodblock print by Kono Bairei from the Series 'Senshu no Hana' (One Thousand Varieties of Flowers), Bunkyudo, Kyoto, c1889. The script to the right includes the series title and information about the species of blossom. It is matted in an ivory mat and measures 7" x 5". Its Japanese wood frame measures 12.5" x 10.5".      P7525              $85.00

Bairei, Kono (1844 - 1895) Senshu no Hana (One Thousand Varieties of Flowers)


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