This lovely woodblock print depicts a seascape with Mt. Fuji in the distance, and a single ferryman poling his way on the lake, viewed through a grove of bamboo trees in the foreground.  Koitsu produced several versions of Mt. Fuji, with boats on the lake, and we believe this is one of them.  The colors, dominated in a soft to medium green, presents like an aquatint, with an ethereal presentation, as if there is a mist in the air, simply beautiful execution.  This print dates to c1930 when tourism in Japan was flourishing.  The print measures 5.75" x 4", on a complementary green mat, and the frame measures 8" x 6".  It is in excellent condition.    P2836  $125.00

Attributed to Koitsu, Tsuchiya (1870-1949) 'Mt. Fuji Lake/Bamboo Scene'