'Spring Evening, Lady with Lantern'

This woodblock print presents like Shotei's 'Spring Evening' print in which a woman walks with a lantern in the night. It is also reminiscent of Hiroshige's 'Cherry Blossom Moon' print, very much a combination of the two in a monochrome presentation, with a silhouetted mystique.  It is artist signed, but we cannot decipher the name, but it is not Shotei's or Hiroshige's seals.  In the early 20th century, Japan enjoyed a booming tourist trade.  Many artists produced prints that appealed to westerners, and this one captures two classic works very nicely.  This print likely dates to c1920, given its subject and presentation.  It measures 14" x 6.5" and is framed in its original black lacquer wood-backed frame measuring 17.5" x 10".  It is in good condition with superb black gauffage accents in her attire, and minimal toning.    P1632      $165.00

After Takahashi Shôtei (1871-1945) 'Spring Evening, Lady with Lantern'