'Hour of the Dragon', from the series Twelve Hours in the Yoshiwara

The 'Hour of the Dragon' is 8 am.  This woodblock print depicts a scene with two young beauties who slip under heavy blankets at the end of a long night, a pipe and a cup by the bedside. The seated woman's kimono falls away from her chest in an alluring view. This is one of the most sought after designs of Utamaro's "Twelve Hours of the Yoshiwara" series, which was first published c1789-1799.  The 'Hour of the Dragon' was published in 1794.  This edition dates to c1930.  It bears Utamaro's seal and the seal of the publisher as well.  The print is professionally framed, and measures 13.75" by 9.75", and the black bamboo-style frame measures 20" by 15".  It is handsomely matted in a soft blue/green mat, attached to its ivory/cream mat.  there is a stray paper remnant at the edge of the mat, shown in the close up photo, which I darkened with contrast to show because it is very hard to see unless you look for it.  It is of no consequence.  This woodblock is covered in a non-glare glass and presents beautifully.   P5238    $195.00

After Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806) 'Hour of the Dragon'


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