'Hiraizumi Konjikido in Snow'

This beautiful surimono print depicts a visitor climbing the steps to the Golden Hall of Chusonji Temple on a snowy day at Hiraizumi.  This image is based upon Hasui's last work entitled 'Hiraizumi Hall of the Golden Hue', which was completed just before his death in 1957.  It is believed that this smaller version was produced by Watanabe Publishers, Hasui's publisher, after his death.  While we have seen this print with Hasui's red seal before, this one does not have one.  There are several stories about the genesis of this print, one is that Watanabe produced this print with others as a packet for a bus tour company for tourists, which would be fitting, given Watanabe's commitment to keep Hasui's prints in the public eye after his death.  This print measures 5.25" x 3.25", and the frame measures 11" x 9".   It is in good condition with a small tear in the stairway near the right side of the mat, which is nearly invisible as it blends into the snow.  It is priced accordingly.        P5231    $125.00

After Kawase Hasui (1883-1957) 'Hiraizumi Konjikido in Snow'